Sunday, May 22, 2016

5 Reasons You Should Never Blindly Follow Celebrity Fitness Routines

Pardon me if I am being blunt but there are people, stupid enough to blindly follow the fitness regimes of celebrities. There’s nothing wrong with idolizing a celeb’s physique but aping their lifestyle is nothing but idiocy.  So, next time you read the diet and workout plan of your favourite celeb in a magazine, don’t go bonkers and start following it. There’s a lot going into that picture-perfect physique than what’s written. Be wise, muscle gain or weight loss takes time. Here, always keep these things in mind before picking up a celebrity’s fitness routine. 
1. The first thing is also the most obvious one that people simply fail to understand. Celebrities are not ‘always’ as fit as they appear in the movies. They get in (or out) of shape for particular roles because obviously, it’s their job! Hrithik’s kickass torso in ‘Bang Bang’, Farhan Akhtar’s sprinter physique in ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag; or Salman’s muscle loading for ‘Sultan’; all of this is temporary. They put in all the hard work for a couple of shots and once it’s done, they are also done with the routine they were following for the past many months. Their physiques are goal-based not lifestyle-based.
© newlovetimes 2. They have access to bodybuilding products that you could only dream about. Of course, they will never be vocal about steroid use. From top-shelf steroids and supplements to anything that pharmaceuticals have to offer, celebs have at their disposal. SRK made a six-pack in 2 months, Aamir Khan got jacked in 3 months—the scroll of celeb transformations is endless. We aren’t saying they used steroids, but you surely don’t know if they didn’t. Get it straight, if you are a regular dude in a 9-5 job and have a healthy social life, transforming into a jacked beast in a mere 2-3 months is next to impossible.
3. Meal planning is ‘the’ most tedious thing of all when it comes to bodybuilding. And needless to say, celebrities have their plate full with top chefs literally living with them. Everything from their breakfast to dinner is measured and precisely cooked.  So, even if you successfully mimicked their training regime, you will fall face flat while feeding yourself.
4. Talking about motivation, the primary motivation behind their transformation is the success of the movie, then comes leading a healthy lifestyle, if at all, while what you should work towards is making fitness a lifestyle. Fitness is not about looking good for a month or two; it’s about feeling great about yourself all year round.
5. Their progress is closely measured by professional trainers. And ‘measured closely’ here, means that the trainers are only and only training that particular celeb. Of course, that type of attention comes in exchange of an amount of money most us earn not monthly but annually.
Be wise with your body transformation goals, work hard and be patient. Rome was not built in a day.

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