Sunday, May 22, 2016

This Ultrasound Shows What Smoking Can Do To Your Baby While Pregnancy

Motherhood is a huge responsibility. Most women shed their bad habits once they are pregnant because they do not want to harm the baby in any way. 
However there are some mothers who do not act as responsibly as one would expect them to. They continue to smoke and drink long into their pregnancy. This immature behavior is detrimental to the development of the baby. Doctors have reiterated so many times not to smoke or drink. This experiment exposes the harm caused to baby when their mothers smoke. Read to know more.

The Experiment:

Dr. Nadja Reissland of Durham University’s Department of Psychology undertook a study in which she observes 20 different fetuses over 12 weeks. Out of these 20 fetuses, four belonged to mothers who smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day. Every three weeks, 4 D ultrasounds of the fetuses were taken by the researchers.

The Outcome:

Scan reveals major differences in facial movement of fetuses of mother who smoked and those who did not. Fetuses of mother who smoked had higher mouth movements and facial touching.
As babies develop in the womb, mouth movement and facial touching are supposed to decrease.
This happens because the development of the central nervous system of fetuses exposed to smoke is slow compared to fetuses not exposed to smoke.
Research also reveals that fetuses exposed to smoke show a delay in speech processing.
If you see any mother doing this to her unborn baby, stop them. Spread the word.

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