Sunday, June 12, 2016

7 Weird Things Women Do After A Breakup And Men Are Clueless

In a battle of the sexes, who do you think handles breakups better? Men or women? Considering a man and a woman have just broken up, both of them will handle it in their own way. But women being more complex creatures tend to do certain things after a breakup that are beyond the understanding of men. Don’t know what I’m speaking about? Let’s tell you then. Here are some rather awkward things that women do after breaking up. 

1. Gets drunk 

The logic regarding alcohol healing your emotional wounds is very well known. But women tend to take it up a notch by getting mad drunk, passing out at unknown places and blabbering about their ex to strangers. 

2. Stalks her ex on social media 

It’s pretty addictive, but she can’t stop it. She might have even unfriended him from her social media accounts, but she can still check out his recent pictures and updates from her best friend’s account. 

3. Writes poetry 

No matter how old she is, if she’s been dumped by a guy, she will definitely make an attempt at writing poetry. It would probably be describing the loneliness she’s feeling and the ultimate rejection she felt when her ex dumped her. 

4. Bad mouthing her ex 

Women tend to do that way more than often. They tend to bad mouth their ex in the sense of describing in detail about all his flaws, or how bad he was in bed, or how inconsiderate he was, or how he never chose his girlfriend in front of his mom. Yes, all that the girl will definitely tell anyone she meets. 

5. Gets a makeover 

I don’t know what is it about a woman ready to change her hair color, entire wardrobe and every makeup product she owns right after a breakup. It probably gives her a new self-esteem and she needs that very much because she wants to move on from her past. 

6. Take a trip by herself 

Just because now she doesn’t have a boyfriend ‘holding her back’, she can do whatever she likes. One fine day she’d also get too excited and take a trip all by herself. She could probably go for a simple road trip or even fly out of the country for a few weeks. Just a get a new perspective towards the life and do something exciting. 

7. Trash talk to her ex 

She may text her with the intention of reconciling things, but one thing will lead to another and she might just start angry texting him. So the use of caps and exclamations will definitely tell you if your ex is still pissed at you. 

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