Monday, June 27, 2016

After Reading This You Will Stop Watching Porn On Your Smartphone

Watching porn has become easier with the availability of smartphones and increased internet speeds. The best thing is you get to watch porn for free on your android smartphones and you can watch it anywhere. But using smartphones for watching porn is a bad idea, especially when it is a android device. Here is why you should not access erotica via your smartphones.

1. It can lead to unwanted subscriptions leading to unwanted charges.

No matter how much careful you are, you cannot protect certain porn sites to activate unwanted VAS subscriptions on your phones. 


2. Massive security risks.

Android smartphones are synced with your gmail id and if you got your banking app in your phone, you may put it to a great risk by watching porn. 


3. Displaying Fake Version Of Different Apps.

Many tickers may get activated, if you watch porn on your smartphone. It shows face versions of various apps and one may fail in distinguishing the difference and clicking any of those means downloading trojan. 


4. You can get ransomwares

Porn sites may put ransomware in your device. They may lock down your phone or encrypt data that requires a decryption code. 


5. Cyber criminals

If your phone has underwent a lockdown due to Ransomware, cyber criminals may ask for a ransom in exchange of the required code. 


6. Malwares

Not all porn sites are dangerous, many of them are very legitimate. Smartphone lack several critical protection that desktop PCs have. Smartphones have the inability to differentiate between a legitimate site and a site that has malware.

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