Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This Guy Made Spy Glasses For iPhone That’ll Let You Text Girlfriend Infront Of Your Father

It is quite annoying when we use our phone in public and people try to snoop in our phone’s screen. I find it very irritating and have to hide my phone. But, it’s a bit of ordeal to hide your phone when people are all around you on a subway or any other public transport.Well, this Turkish guy was as annoyed as we all are from strangers looking over his shoulders, snooping in his phone’s screen. So, he invented a great solution for this problem. He tweaked his iPhone display a little so that it can only be seen with special glasses. What a great solution, right?People are calling this invention as spy glasses for iPhone and let’s see how he made this possible?Recommended Story: Turn you iPhone into Android just with an iPhone case

Celal Goger, a 42-year-old mobile phone technician from Turkey, was facing this problem daily while commuting to his shop from home and back..

So, he decided to create a specially modified mobile display which can only be seen by him.

To make it possible, he invented a pair of special glasses through which only the wearer can see the display.

He said he came up with the idea when he was checking his mail while traveling in a local train and strangers were staring at his screen.

He realized that this is a serious privacy concern for everyone, and it needs to be solved.

So, he programmed a tiny chip to turn his iPhone’s display completely white.

Both iPhone and glasses connect via Bluetooth.

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