Friday, July 1, 2016

Rich Chinese Man Offering $180,000,000 to Make Her Daughter Straight

Chinese extremely rich person Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, has effectively constructed a tycoon dollar domain. The land head honcho made his fortune by planning the outlines of extravagance homes and properties in Hong Kong. In any case, in spite of his accomplishments there is one thing that he would give all his cash to have – Sze-tsung, is frantic for his lesbian little girl to wed a man. Furthermore, Cecil is prepared to put his cash where his mouth is and is putting forth $180,000,000 to any man that can turn his valuable little girl straight.

His 34-year-old little girl Gigi Chao, 34, is totally humiliated by her dad’s lucrative offer and has argued for him to comprehend that she is gay, and has composed a public statement to her dad letting him know that in the event that it is as simple as he supposes to change her sexual introduction, HE ought to wed a MAN! Gigi is not single as she wedded her long haul lesbian accomplice Sean Eav two years prior. However, her rich father declines to acknowledge the marriage is genuine.
The 77-year-old property financier has begged men over the globe to take him up on his offer…
In a letter distributed by South China Morning Post, Ms Chao connects with her dad, requesting that he grapple with the way that she is a lesbian. In the letter, which begins ‘Dear Daddy’ she implores her dad to acknowledge her accomplice, Sean Eav, whom she has been with for a long time. ‘I know it’s troublesome for you to see how I could feel impractically pulled in to a lady; I assume I can’t generally clarify it either. It simply happens, calmly and delicately, and after such a large number of years, despite everything we cherish each other in particular.
‘Presently, I’m not soliciting you to be best from companions; in any case, it would mean everything to me on the off chance that you could just not be so unnerved of her [partner Sean Eav], and treat her like an ordinary, noble individual. I comprehend it is troublesome for you to comprehend, not to mention acknowledge this truth.’ Despite her requests thousands have individuals have approached to take up her dad’s $180,000,000 offer including war veterans from the US, Ethiopia, Istanbul, South America, Portugal and everywhere throughout the world.
Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, is known for putting forth shocking expressions and was cited by the Hong Kong media for saying he had slept with more than 10,000 ladies in his lifetime.

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