Friday, August 12, 2016

10 Shocking Statements By Nargis Fakhri That Are Hard To Believe

Nargis Fakhri is one of the Bollywood actresses who doesn’t abstain from speaking her mind in public and lands in trouble. Recently, she commented on kissing scene of Azhar, with Emraan Hashmi. This straightforward actress talks her heart out without any hesitation, but so what! Here I’ve collected a few shocking statements by Nargis Fakhri, which brought her to the attention of public. 
1. When she kissed Emraan Hashmi, she said lots of kissing happened and Emraan enjoyed the song more than her. 

2. She commented on Superheroes Penis: “Anyone doesn’t matter for me. Are they going to save me or date me? Whoever has the bigger Penis maybe.” 

3. She said, “I’m a whore.” That’s what she meant by Indian hospitality. 

4. On Women and sex, she said ” We are supposed to have sex and everybody wants it. Intimacy leads to Sex and Intimacy is the middle and then everything branches out. 

5. She said the most appealing part of her body is her butt and her boobs are nice as well. 
6. On Cosmetic Surgery she said it’s made for people who suffer trauma. She added women don’t hold up well after pregnancy; they are pushed aside and are not considered beautiful anymore. 

7. She said, “If she had really big boobs, people would talk about her boobs.” 

8. On being an actress she said, “I’m not trained as an actress, I can’t rate myself.”

9. She said, “I actually have a complex about my nose.”

10. When she was asked about her life post 60 she said, “Why should a woman be denied  a life of excitement just because she is 60, older, wiser and her periods have stopped?”

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