Friday, August 19, 2016

6 Weird Signs She is a Girl, Not A Woman. #6 Can Prove This Alone.

Woman and girl are two different identities of a female. Both these understand and interact with world very differently. Where a girl wants only attention, a woman wants just respect. This difference between these two is due to their thinking. By woman I don’t mean an aged female- it is only about maturity.
I have found many girls in my life but not a single woman (i.e.  a mature girl). This isn't meant that they don’t exist. They are just difficult to be found. As men, we need to find perfect woman instead of getting stuck with a girl. Here are signs that can help you in doing this. Have a look.

Girls Do Everything For Attention Whereas Women Want Respect

A girl does everything for attention. From heavy makeup to revealing clothes all are just for attention. However women are different, they just wants respect.

Girl Fake Moan

Girl fake-moan whereas a woman never do this.

Girls Don't Know Their Limits

When it come to partying, a girl party like an animal whereas a woman prefer to stay more civilized. A girl doesn’t know her limits, while woman never went out of her limits.

Social Media Is Everything For Girls

Girls are obsessed with status of social media queen and she never want to lose it. They never put efforts into their relationship to make it work, but they make it appear good online. For girls facebook, twitter etc are priority, while for woman, relationship is her first priority.

Girl And Woman Spend Time Differently

Girls spend most of their time watching television or updating their social profile, while women spend most of their time in working and doing productive things. A woman also love to spend time with her man.

Girl Pretend To Be Health Conscious, Whereas Woman Eat Whatever They Want

A girl always pretend to health conscious in front of you. She always has been on a salad diet when she is with you. She eats healthy food because she wants other to love her body. Opposite to this, a woman never pretends to be health conscious and eat healthy because she love her body.

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