Friday, August 26, 2016

Attention Men! Did You Know Women Use These 7 Techniques To Fool You?

Have you heard the phrase, ‘she’s got so many tricks up her sleeve?’ Well, that definitely holds true after understanding the nature of a woman. Do you know how women tend to charm you? It’s obviously, how their personality works, but there are certain tricks and techniques involved in luring you in. Still not getting the hang of it? Check out these few tricks and see if you can relate.  

1. Makeup 

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Makeup can be literally described as an art form, and a woman’s face is her canvas. It requires great skill to highlight your special features with the help of makeup. 

2. Lingerie 

With the blessing of Victoria Secret, women are able to buy sexy lingerie in order to look super fab. 

3. Hair dye 

Want a makeover? Try coloring your hair. That would give anyone an instant makeover making them look super hot.

4. Jewelry 

Guys, all the bling and shine that women use is just another technique for charming your socks off. Jewelry is a great companion with an amazing dress for the evening. 

5. Sunglasses 

With the correct pair of sunglasses for a face structure, the entire look can be amplified. No wonder, women looks super casual and yet classy in their glasses. 

6. Tanning 

A spray tan or tanning with a tanning bed does an amazing lift for your looks and it enhances your facial structure as well. 

7. Strategic friends 

Girls will always be seen hanging out in a group always supporting each other and behaving like wing women for each other. But there always will be this one average looking girl in a group of pretty girls who tries too hard to fit in. This girl always tries to take tips from the pretty ones so that their beauty rubs off on her. 

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