Friday, August 26, 2016

MMS In Trial Room/Changing Room Cam Scam BeAware (Social Experiment)

changing room bollyworld

Please Beware , It's just A Social Experiment And just uploaded for To teach you something , about
Trial Room / Changing Room .
Be aware ,
Whenever you go To any Market And Going to Changing Room ,
Before Take off your clothe Please Kindly Check Once it can be your next mms .
The Following Way May Help you to Find OUt Hide Camera and avoid of making changing room mms .
1, Entering With You mobile Phone .
Enter The trail Room With Your Mobile Phone , And Make Sure You mobile Phone Catches Signal To make A call .
2- Try to make Call Inside The room ,
If There is spy Camera You can't Make Calls Because OF the Interference Of the Fiber Optics During Signal Transfer Which Block Mobile Phone Calls .
3- Making Call without any Interference Is a Sign That you are in a Safe room .
4- Look out For any small unwanted object . Check if there is a spy camera hidden in it .
Watch The Video To at Least Learn Something , 

Changing Room mms and how to prevent it . 

as we have written above to just get out from these mistake, 
we have seen many people around the internet yet they can't do anythings whenever their changing room mms gone viral. 
so beware and read it carefully . 

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