Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mom Catches Her 16-Year-Old Daughter In Bed With A Guy And Does THIS

You know those moments in life where your very reaction at the moment could define everything that's to come next? Well, that's what happened to this mom. Sadly enough for her, she got heavily swayed by emotion instead of taking things with a bit cooler head and ended up changing the very ending of the entire episode. If there's one lesson to be learned here, it's always to take things with a cool head. And if the situation you are in is one that prompts you not to use your head, well, that's exactly when you should take particular care to keep your nerves under control. 

In bed with someone

Janet Wood's 16-year-old daughter somehow managed to sneak her boyfriend into her room. via



Janet simply wanted to talk to her daughter, walks into the room. But what she hadn't expected was to find her daughter in bed with someone else. via

One angry mother!

In the heat of the moment, unable to suppress her anger, Janet attacks the boy. She landed one straight punch on his face while he was still in bed. The boy immediately gets up and flees, but she chased him and managed to deliver a few more punches. via

The boy manages to escape...

But he had to leave his clothes and the car behind. The angry mother, still not vented out enough, takes up a baseball bat and smashes the car, right in front of her daughter. via


When the police arrived, they found the situation such that they had to take the mother in for damage and assault. via

Well, it should be pretty obvious, shouldn't it?

If it isn't, then here it is: never, ever, lose your shit! It only makes things worse. via

Yeah, that's right! Always keep a cool head...

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