Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Most Controversial WWE Sex Scene On TV You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

In 2003, trailer park star Jamie Noble had the hots for Torrie Wilson but she kept refusing him ’cause she was repulsed by his character. Somehow, he got his hands on a lot of money and offered it to Torrie for a night of passion but even then she said ‘No.’ Torrie was in a relationship with Billy Gunn and that’s why she didn’t want to get down with Jamie Noble. But one night on Smackdown, Tazz gave his opinions on the turn of events by saying the cringy dialogue – sometimes No can mean Yes. What followed is only the beginning of the controversies that the WWE universe has been involved in. Let’s check out what really happened that night. Read also – 9 Strange But True WWE Facts That Will Shock You

When Torrie Wilson came to meet Jamie Noble in his hotel room. 

He offered her a big sum of money for one night with him. 

But a turn of events happened. 

Jamie’s girlfriend, Nidia busted them and took the wheel herself. 

We didn’t expect this to happen. 

Did a three-way take place? 

In 2003, there was reportedly an orgy between Jamie Noble and his girlfriend Nidia, and Torrie Wilson with her boyfriend, Billy Gunn. 
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