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Top 5 Celebrities Who Recorded Their Sex Tapes And Regretted For Life | Bollyworld Viral

Top 5 Celebrities Who Recorded Their Sex : Bollyworld VIral

The special thing of Today is Top 5 Celebrities Who Recorded Their Sex And Even They Will Regret For The WHole Life .
Being a popular celebrity has some really awesome perks; fans dying to have a glimpse of you, tons of fan mails and gifts,and the power to steal the show with your very appearance. But every luxury comes at a cost, and nobody better than a celeb knows that. They have to compromise with their privacy, and the paparazzi are always ready to capture the slightest of their movements. And boy, their personal life is never personal! But at the end of the day, they are all humans like us with fantasies, of course. Some of these celebrities are fond of making their sex tapes and enjoy their sex sessions later. But not everytime has this ended well for most of them and resulted in the leaking of the videotapes.  Here are 10 celebs who recorded their sex sessions and regretted later. 

1) Pamela Anderson

1) Pamela Anderson Bollyworld Viral
Pamela Anderson and her husband Tommy Lee decided to record their sex act on their honeymoon. Only after a few days, that sex tape was stolen from their home in 1995. They sued the distributing company and came to a settlement.

2) Collin Farrell

Back in 2003, the former Hollywood bad boy Collin Farrell recorded his sex session with Playboy model Nicole Narain. Narain sold the 14-minute video and was later sued by the Irish actor.

3) Farrah Abraham

The reality TV star’s sex tape with pornographic actor James Deen was stolen from Farrah Abraham’s house, as per the claim she made. When the video was released, Abraham came clear that she was drugged and raped in it, but the distributor released another behind-the-scene video of the taping of the first porn video.

4) Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton had to deal with a sex video release in 2004 which she had made with her then-boyfriend Rick Solomon back in 2001. Solomon sued Hilton for defamation, but the socialite was awarded $400,000 after she announced that a part of it would be given to charity.

5) Chelsea Handler

The comedian had to deal with one of her sex tapes in 2010, the one she had made back in the 90’s. She came clear of the video as a part of  a joke she submitted as an audition tape.
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