Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Top 5 Super hot Instagram Models You need to follow

Top 5 Instagram Super Models You need to follow them right now . though there are many models who has active account of Instagram and regularly post their Lovely Pic . to get more popularity.
But this content is about the top 5 Indian super models of instagram.
 Have to Look On our

Top 5 instagram super models list 

Indian super hot models

1- @Ashika_Pratt 

Followers: 22.5K 
USP: She’s India’s answer to Miranda Kerr!
Ashika Pratt model
© ashika_prattinstagram

2- Diva Dhawan 

Followers: 27.1K 

USP: Girl-next-door vibe with the body of a Victoria’s Secret Angel.
Diva Dhawan Hot Model
© Diva.DhawanInstagram

3- Nidhi Sunil 

Followers: 27K 

USP: Goddess-like looks with curves that kill.
Nidhi Sunil Hot
© NidhisunilInstagram

4- Merrylin Boro

Followers: 115k 

USP: Definitely the most provocative in the list. NSFW!
HOt Merrylin BOro Model

© merrylinboroInstagram

5- Neelam KG 

Followers: 78.7k 

USP: Kylie Jenner meets MIA
Neelam KG model
© Neelamkginstagram

What Do YOu think OF Our TOp 5 Super Hot Instagram Models List  
aren't they HOT ?? :D 
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