Sunday, October 30, 2016

Meet Iphone 7 the man Who Legally Changed His name To Iphone 7 for the reason

iPhone 7 is making people go crazy. No wonder, they are ready to sacrifice any and everything for getting one. There were some people who even went to the extent of selling their kidneys and livers, so that they could gather some money to buy an iPhone, isn’t that STRANGE?

How could one sacrifice on health just for enjoying this technological pleasure? However, the craze doesn’t stop here; there is a person who has gone beyond all this and has changed his ‘Identity’ for securing a phone. I am sure you are confused reading this; let us explain and you will go ROFL…
Well, this man from Ukraine changed his name from Olexander Turin to iPhone Sim (Seven). We know that this is quite weird, but he did this in a bid to get a phone for himself.

How and why this happened?

A store in Ukraine was offering free iPhone 7 to first 5 people who change their names to ‘iPhone 7’. Olexander, who was crazy for this gadget couldn’t resist from doing so and immediately changed his name. It just took him $2 to change his name; but in return he got his dream phone worth $850. I am wondering as to how can he change his ‘IDENTITY”? Couldn’t he give it a second thought before doing so? Imagine how would it feel when people will address him with the name ‘iPhone 7’, LOL…
Here’s the tweet that went viral…

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