Monday, October 31, 2016

This Girl Got 20 Iphone 7 from her 20 boyfriends And what she did what them is unexpected

Earlier too we have reported about people’s obsession for iPhone. Some sell their kidneys, while some change their name just to grab one. I am surprised to see how humans are being driven by gadgets these days; strange…
Now, one more ‘iPhone’ case has come to the limelight and this time, you will seriously have that question in your mind i.e. “What the hell has happened to people?”. Well, we are talking about the lady named Xiaoli (Name hidden for privacy) who could purchase a house due to iPhone 7. Wondering what crap we are talking about? Don’t worry, we don’t report anything except real stories…
While for many of us, buying a home is a dream, for Xiaoli, a Chinese woman it was a super-simple task. What she did was made 20 boyfriends, yes you heard it right; it is ‘20’, then convinced each one of them to buy her an iPhone 7 and that was all. Now, the total cost of these 20 iPhone 7 came up to Rs 14 lakhs, and without wasting a single moment, she sold them off through a Chinese website Hui Shou Bao. The money which she got was more than enough to pay the deposit of a countryside home in China.
This incident isn’t fake; it was shared on the Tian Ya Yi Du forum by a person having the pen name “Proud Qiaoba” (Her colleague)
Qiaba stated that Xiaoli belongs to a middle class family and affording even a single iphone 7 is impossible for her. She is the oldest daughter in her family and might be due to this, she has that pressure of buying a home for her old parents. This news has taken social media by storm and people just can’t stop talking about her. Poor boyfriends; they have no clue whatsoever that this news has become public now.

Everyone is surprised as to how Xiaoli has convinced all 20 of them to buy such a costly phone; this is called SMART WORK. People are also tagging her as ‘Shameless’ for this move. Even Hui Shou Bao, the Chinese website gave a confirmation that they had purchased 20 phones from a female client for £700 each.
This was really an out of the world news. We have never ever seen incidents like these wherein iPhones are sold for buying a house. iPhone is surely going to bring in lots of revolutions in the near future, LOL. Do you have any friend who is equally interested in this costly phone and can go to any extent to buy one? Do share with us in our comments section below!
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