Thursday, November 3, 2016

A beautiful GIrl Called Everyone Baijan , And Watch The Reaction OF them

Dedicated to all you boys….
Boys leave no opportunity to impress a girl. Whenever they see a cute girl, they try all possible ways to win her hearts. Yes, this is a common scenario in college campuses; rather than studying, half the boys would be found ‘Bird watching’, LOL!
Remember your college days, when some new girl used to enter, and you used to go all ‘Awwww’. Every day you would have a new crush, kuch yaaad aaayaaa?? Now, imagine a situation when some new girl enters the campus and asks you some question, you will try to explain her in the ‘BEST POSSIBLE WAY’ and ‘IMPRESS’ her, isn’t it?
But wait, she might break all your expectations in a minute by calling you a ‘Bhaiyyaji’. Dil choor choor hojayega… The same is happening in this video by Trouble Seekers Team! A beautiful girl enters the IIT campus and calls all those boys ‘Bhaiyyaji’. Their reactions are super-hilarious. Have a look…

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