Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Fan Followed Dhoni’s Hummer On Her Scooty! What He Did Next Is Heart-Warming!

MS Dhoni is the most successful Captain in the history of Indian cricket. The job of leading a nation is perhaps one of the most stressful jobs in the world. There’s always a risk of losing your cool on or off the field, losing your skill and brilliance over time, and most importantly losing your humility, being blinded by all the fame. But this hardworking legend who has led the Indian team in all three formats for years has still maintained his calm and smile, despite many shortcomings.

We don’t have words to describe the brilliance of this legend. He is the best finisher in the world, he is the best Captain in Indian cricket history, and he is a complete gentleman outside the cricket ground.

The 4th ODI between India and New Zealand series was held at Ranchi. Everyone saw the Indian Captain, MS Dhoni leaving the airport in his luxurious SUV, the Hummer. Even the Kiwi players were surprised as well. Captain cool does things in style.
Indian team lost the match miserably. The Ranchi fans were disappointed over the defeat, but they didn’t dismiss the love and respect they have for their hometown Captain. Here’s an incident which goes to show how much Ranchi loves Dhoni; a young girl from Ranchi’s women’s college decided to follow Dhoni’s hummer on her scooty to take a selfie with him.

On Wednesday, MS Dhoni left Ranchi to head to Mumbai. MS Dhoni took his hummer to make it to the airport. When Dhoni was on his way to the airport, a gang of girls quickly noticed Captain cool in his hummer. The girls were excited, their scooties were parked on the roadside.

Aaradhya was among the girls; she quickly decided to follow the racing Hummer. Aaradhya was able to catch up with the legend at the Airport terminal. As soon as Dhoni got out of the hummer, Aaradhya yelled his name.

Dhoni told the security to let the girl meet him. The star at once obliged her to click a selfie.

Aaradhya was very happy after taking a picture with Dhoni. She revealed how Dhoni is truly a down to earth and humble person. That’s one more reason to love Captain Cool.

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