Monday, November 14, 2016

Girl Driving a Bugatti In Dubai Amazing Video

Girl Driving in dubbai

Did you recognize the girl ? if not i am gonna to introduce her . she is none other than the mo vlogs ( a famous youtuber) 's sister ,
you have seen in her in vlogs video the brother and sister ran the channel ,
and even they are from top youtuber ,
and they are famous for their richest video , where they drive some expensive car, and do some shopping from super market , actually no one where from mo vlogs and where is their home
mo vlogs and sister have completed their study from UK , and then shifted to UAE where they make daily vlogs and earn alot by youtube . though the mo vlogs were a gamer before , he used to makes game video but didn't find success in that . and started his 1st vlogs in 2013 and got many viewer and subscriber .
today we thought it would be great if we show some of their video the below is my favorite ,
sister of vlogs drive a bugatti car in the road of dubai watch the video and lets us know more about them if you know in the comments box .

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