Monday, December 5, 2016

Justin Bieber Reveal his love for his own Songs

justin bieber love
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Justin Bieber Love For His Own Song 

As everyone know justin bieber songs "baby " has gotten highest Dislike on YOutube  . 
did you know that ? 
Justin Bieber Recently appear On James Corden's Show Late Late Show and revealed some his unknown facts . 
so get ready to read it out . 
there were some personal question asked to the singer , and singer writer . 
but justin bieber answered honestly of every question . 
even there were a question of his personal life too. the host asked " if he has ever love to his own song ? " 
read below the ANSWER . 
justin answered the question as . 
" i have never made love to my own song . " 
and also he reveal about his song . 
the car around scene was amazing . and unforgettable . 

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