Sunday, February 12, 2017

This Has Shockingly Saved Life Of Hundreds Of Children


Sometime A Company' Feature Goes Unnoticed But it Has To Be many Adventure , In
This case We have brought A topic of Ballpoint pen today .
Have you Ever Noticed the Hole Innovation Design In Ball Point ?
Didn't ?
No one Have but We Are going to tell you why they company had to be done it .

DO you Know BIC company ? their BallPoint Has Always Been Popular , And Everyone Carry on .
I think so .
THe Company BIC Decided To Change their BallPoint Design Structure in 1992 , and then they make Hole.

But why ?
After They Changed Structure Design No one Noticed , and It went Unnoticed ,

Do YOu know ?
Children Has Habit Of Chewing on Everything .
even Elder Also Play With Ballpoint Cap sometime .

This Little Hole Of the top Of caps Allow Easy Passing Oxygen ,
in case the cap gets in mouth Hence it make a way to get enough oxygen .
is it Wondered YOU ???
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