Thursday, February 23, 2017

This Lady Become Wrestler By Fighting With An animal

Doing SOmething Intentionally Dangerous That Have Chance to take your Life is Bad.
and things Like Stunt / and more like that . usually people do for their publicity and for name .
as we have seen many people in waqar zaka show ,
we have posted about waqar zaka show video  watch video
there are many people who wants to do ,for their publicity
even in the below video a pregnant woman goes for stunt and she just proves women also can do things like men do .
nowadays it's just a normal things we have seen also in waqar zaka show a doctor ladies who have done almost the impossible stunt and it was so cool for her to be done .
watch the below video and share your opinion about it
can you do like her ?
would you allow your ladies to do this ?

Wrestler Lady 


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