Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Donald Trump Has A day with Muslims

Eveyone knows donald trumps Hates Muslims , and yet there are still some muslims they support even have voted for donald trump .
A youtube girl Rolla Selbak made a video " A day with Muslims (donald trump supporter ) 
and it has many things that donald trump should notice . 

The youtuber had a day with muslim and she can't just got it good , but as she said in video that the day with muslim was amazing .
and she asked also some muslim that what's the reason they support donald trump ?
their Answer were just believable ,
and of them was talking about race in USA ,
actually they had good conversation and it's proof of muslim are not bad .
watch video and share it with frineds .
to watch direct click on below video .
A day with USA muslims 

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