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Sunil Grover Has to Start His Own Show After Reading This

kapil fight
Have you heard the news about kapil sharma sunil grover sir fight ?
no doubts Kapil is Doing great and he is touching sky nowadays but it doesn't mean he should disrespect his team. He shouldn't forget He is there because of his team. isn't he ?

What's the actually matter between Kapil and sunil sir ? 

You might have read the news about Kapil sharma and sunil grover sir, that Kapil sharma has fought with Sunil sir in flight back from Australia. He was in heavy drunk and he didn't control his anger and start blaming Sunil grover , 
as i have heard was like " Tu kiya hai ? mera nokar hai . " 
and according to some news media Kapil also touched him . 
okey coming to the point my review is that . 

Sunil Grover sir should start his own show but why ?  

some people may be against it but i think Sunil grover sir should quite the show " The kapil sharma show " and should start his own , 
i got the idea from some of the comments and i have read many article about sunil sir , and haven't miss even a episode and off course. I watch just because of sunil sir . 
later in the article i am going to post some SS which can show Sunil Grover sir is better than Kapil sharma 

Who is better ? Kapil or Sunil ? 

Kapil : Kapil sharma the host of " the kapil sharma show" off course he is host that's why name is also of his of the show . 
do you think ? Kapil sharma is the best comedian ?
i can prove you wrong 
once Rajni vs jokes posted a article , 
they have written the below things and i was very glad to just view other point about kapil reality . 
and sunil sir hard work . 
they said in article "in order to make people laugh Kapil always make fun of the team member and just abuse in the manner like Apny mo ko daik " etc . 
but what sunil sir does always make us laugh . 
Sunil sir : I respect even i want to salute him , and there are many people like me that watch the kapil sharma show just because of Doctor Gulati . am i right ? 
as i told early i have never missed even a episode , and if i tell reality i just watch because of sunil sir , 
and what happened with him make me angry on Kapil sharma , but i am here to clear everything instead of taking side of my favorite Comedian i should clarify why he is best / 

let me give you another proof

once someone took Quora  and asked a question who is the best 
kapil sharma or Sunil Grover 
and got some reply in side of sunil grover one said . 
"Thanks for A2A :)

We usually see them on the shows or in the interviews. How they are in their real lives.? Who's more funnier..?...Well, it's not possible to know that, unless you know them personally. So my answer is based in the interviews given by them.

Kapil is always composed while answering questions during the interviews. The fun side of him and his spontaneity is seen only during his comedy shows. This is how he replied to the interviewer, when he was asked to tell the public something they don't know about him..." People think I'm funny all the time. But I'm not. I'm serious too. Also, I enjoy serious, dramatic films. "

Sunil Grover said to a reporter, " As a kid I always hoped to be either a doctor, engineer, teacher or pilot and this was possible only through acting. " Ever since he was a kid, he would mimic his teachers and relatives. Then he became a radio jockey and enjoyed troubling people with his jokes on the radio.

So Sunil Grover seems a bit more funnier than Kapil Sharma in real life.

Good luck :) " 

Another Article of time of india has proved Sunil Is more better than any other team member of Kapil sharma show 

Why Sunil Sir should Quite Kapil Sharma show and start his own ? 

I think my time is going off , and should be start your to decide who is best and why sunil start his own show . 
When Kapil sharma Updated his status yesterday late night , He got some Mind changing reply in the side of Sunil sir you can read all of the reply some got more than 1k like , thus it proves people love Sunil sir . 
lets watch the facebook comments . 

so guys what do you think ?
or you with sunil sir ?
please reply in the comments box and lets us know what you think about the article ?
and please note it out
" i am not a new reporter , nor a professional article , i might have made a lot mistake in this article but i had to prove just what's reality , and the unfair with sir Sunil " 
Good luck All . 

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