Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This Desi Girl Dance that will make your day

Love Or Hate but no anyone can just ignore to watch desi dance .
actually there are many they love to watch specially instead of some party song , they want to watch desi dance , 

dance dance video 

sometimes we just do recording for fun a long with friends , many get leaked and just go viral. but it's not a solution to stop video recording on party or in a event  . as it's make mod off . 
like the below video of a indian girls got viral , and even she is happy , and she said 
"I feel happy that just one of my video , which was recorded unintentionally and went viral and it's makes a lot of fan ." 
do you want to watch the video ? 
Do you want to watch direct on youtube ?
click on below link Indian Hot desi dance 
LOve the video ?
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