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7 Extremely BIZARRE PHOBIAS People Actually Have

he first time she heard the Rick Springfield song Jessie’s Girl? “March 7 1981.” She was driving in a car with her mother, who was yelling at her. She was 16 years and two months old.

Price was born on 30 December 1965 in New York City. Her first clear memories start from around the age of 18 months. Back then, she lived with her parents in an apartment across the street from Roosevelt Hospital in Midtown Manhattan. She remembers the screaming ambulances and traffic, how she used to love climbing on the living room couch and staring out of the window down 9th Avenue.

When she was five years and three months old, her family – her father, a talent agent with William Morris who counted Ray Charles among his clients; her mother, a former variety show dancer, and her baby brother – moved to South Orange, New Jersey. They lived in a three-storey, red brick colonial house with a big backyard and huge trees, the kind of place people left the city for. Jill loved it.

When she was seven years old, her father was offered a job with Columbia Pictures Television in Los Angeles. He spent a year commuting back and forth from California to New Jersey, until he and her mother decided to move the family out there in the spring of 1974. By 1 July 1974, when Jill was eight and a half, they were living in a rented house in Los Angeles. That was the day, she says, her “brain snapped”.

1) xanthophobia – worry of the colour yellow

Patients of xanthophobia may additionally fear whatever yellow, such as the solar, daffodils and yellow paint. In its most aggressive shape xanthophobic signs may also include an overwhelming worry of even the word yellow.
2) turophobia- worry of cheese

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Patients of turophobia usually accomplice cheese with a annoying memory. From cheddar to mozzarella turophobes frequently need to run away if they so much as see a slice of cheese. Some may worry one sort of cheese while others may additionally worry cheese altogether.
Three) somniphobia- worry of falling asleep

Somniphobia comprises frequently irrational and excessive fear of sleep. Somniphobes can also worry falling asleep because they associate going to mattress with demise. It is able to also result from a feeling of loss of manipulate or from struggling repeated nightmares. Somniphobics may additionally worry dropping time while snoozing.
Four) coulrophobia – worry of clowns

Coulrophobia is a distinctly not unusual phobia, and usually present in kids in step with diverse surveys. The 'frightening clown' has regularly been used in famous tradition, for example inside the form of the joker in batman comics and movie adaptations. Coulrophobia has some superstar patients- particularly daniel radcliffe and johnny depp. Depp stated of his clown worry: "it’s not possible, thanks to their painted-on smiles, to distinguish if they're glad or if they're approximately to bite your face off."
5) hylophobia- worry of trees

Hylophobia includes an irrational fear of wooden, woodland, or bushes. It's far frequently as a result of exposure to films and fairy tales which involve frightening woods in adolescence. Many sufferers do not grow out of the phobia and any walk in a scenic setting can cause anxiety. Hylophobes go through intense tension after they virtually consider a wood.
6) omphalophobia- worry of the navel

Omphalophobia is the fear of bullybuttons. Sufferers are afraid to have their bellybuttons touched, or to the touch some other character's stomach button. The concern is frequently linked with the stomach button's affiliation to the umbilical twine and a mother's womb. Omphalophobes can be repulsed simply through seeing or considering a stomach button
7) nomophobia- fear of being without cell telephone coverage

The name for the phobia of being without cellular smartphone insurance changed into coined 5 years ago after researchers determined the phenomenon. In keeping with recent surveys, extra than 1/2 of human beings inside the united kingdom be afflicted by it. The fear is introduced on by way of the fear of dropping sign, going for walks out of battery or maybe losing sight of a cellular smartphone.
Eight) ombrophobia- fear of rain

Ombrophobes have an peculiar fear of rain that can reason excessive anxiety assaults. It's far idea to be brought about by using a number of of factors, inclusive of the fact that kids are regularly told not to go out within the rain as it will lead them to sick. Rain is also frequently associated with melancholy.
9) papaphobia- worry of the pope

The worry of the pope or the papacy is uncommon. It's miles closely related to hierophobia (the worry of holy individuals or sacred matters). It's also related to hagiophobia that is an exaggerated or irrational worry or dislike of saints and holy matters. The fear is frequently caused by means of a trauma associated with the pope.
10) uranophobia- worry of heaven

Patients of uranophobia fear the sky and the afterlife. It may be triggered in non secular believers who worry the concept that they will be judged after existence.
Eleven) pogonophobia- fear of beards

The time period pogonophobia has been used because the 1850s to describe a strong fear of beards. Earlier this month presenter jeremy paxman accused the bbc of affected by pogonophobia after he was criticised for offering newsnight with a beard.
12) trypophobia- fear of holes

Patients of trypophobia worry items with small holes. It isn't but considered an authentic phobia, despite the fact that lots of human beings are pronounced to be afflicted by it. According to new research trypophobics partner holes with threat. Examples of feared objects encompass honeycomb, sponges and any plant with small holes in it. Signs of trypophobia range from nausea and itchy pores and skin to complete blown panic attacks.
Thirteen) triskaidekaphobia- worry of the number 13

Many human beings are superstitious about the wide variety thirteen but few have a fully fledged phobia. It's far intently associated with the concern of friday 13. Patients take remarkable care to keep away from the use of, or doing some thing related to the range.

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