Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What Happened When This Saudi Princess Norah Bint Sultan was Drunk

A Saudi princess accused of sexually harassing her burly British bodyguard was told yesterday her identity can remain a secret.Her 40-year-old minder, who earned £100,000 a year guarding her family, claims the royal was engaged in drinking, illegal drug-taking and ‘sexually promiscuous’ behaviour.

The minder also says that she once kicked him in the groin ‘knowing full well that he was recovering from invasive surgery to that area’, and bit another member of staff in the cheek.But lawyers for the princess successfully persuaded a court that she should be shielded from publicity as her life and that of her family could be put at risk.

It is the latest controversial ruling granting privacy to the rich and powerful after allegations about their improper behaviour.The princess’s husband – a ‘successful businessman’ – was also granted anonymity over claims he was a ‘viewer of gay porn websites’.
The princess also claimed ‘the allegations could be used to undermine members of her family in high government positions’.Lawyers acting for the Daily Mail and The Times had argued that justice should be done openly and in public – and that it would undermine confidence in the justice system if preferential treatment appeared to be given to a member of a foreign royal family.

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