Monday, June 26, 2017

It seems Erika Got Married To jake Paul For mean

Jake Paul
Recently You might have seen Jake Paul Video , Actually Erika and Jake Paul Got married and this just a prank video for all jake pauler
that Erika Got married because she wants to grow her social media fans.
but actually it's not like that nor she got married , jake Paul clearly told in a video that the marriage was just for fun and they will act for sometimes like husband wife .
watch the recent video which show why Erika is so mean to Jake .

Jake Paul And Team 10 

Jake Paul

Jake paul is the smallest Youtuber To Have such a million subscriber and his channel is on number 11th in youtube and has Gotten A+ from Social Blade . 
The Boy Who used to make video with his brother Logan Paul , When they were just 10-12 year old back in the time they started creating video , they used to make vine video , and thus jake paul and his brother got some huge fans and now they are making internet mad everyday . 
the facts Jake Paul is a little bit more famous than his brother Logan Paul as Jake Paul and his brother has some huge different between subscriber , Jake Paul has completed 6 million subscribers in this month while his brother Logan Paul has less 500k from him . and it's not just youtube subscriber but if we take the average of every social platform we can surprise you . 
coming to the exact point . 
Jake Paul recently Post a video of his marriage with Erika where they got marriage and it was seems just a fun and the video got more than 12 million in the youtube in just a week . 
isn't it great ? if you are jake pauler you might must now jake paul uploads daily and get 4-5 million view as average from his signal youtube channel named Jake Paul Vloge 
lets move to Erika . 

Erika One of Team 10 member 

Erika the girl who recently Joined Team 10 and Actually as well got married with Jake Pul , 
Erika Has Also Youtube Channel And Does Vlog Every Signal Day to get touch with her fans . 
Erika Was model before entering to team 10 house . 
Alissa violet The team 10 member and ex girl friend of Jake Paul , Erika Has taken the Place of Alissa violet in house of team 10 . 
talking about erika youtube channel , erika has recently complete 1 million subscribers after got marriage with jake . and in the above video the little boy mentioned that the Erika is married just because she wants to grow her social media fans but as it's clean nor she is actually married to jake paul nor she wants to grow throw just fake wedding . 
Did you like the article check below video direct in the youtube .
Jake paul and erika Wedding For meant 
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  1. I thought its just a cover up because their dating
    And erika is nice + explain why are they kissing? Why they are cuddling? Can you explain please?
    And iam not mean ok iam just hurt because Erika is my favorite erika is my idol ok? So please can you please explain that to me?😭

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