Thursday, June 1, 2017

This Indian Female Customer Dealing With Someone Is Horrible Watch the video

Female Customer Dealing at Call Centre Making her own video. She is awesome. Just want to show to the public that how girls at customer call centre deals with the customers. She is well dressed, a little tired or exhausted. This is not funny but a serious video. She attend the call of a customer and start talk with him or her. She is more engaged with herself rather than with the customers. Although its a cool video for the viewers.

but instead they should do this below thing

The Customer Service Skills that Matter

When most business publications talk about customer service skills, things like "being a people person" tend to take the spotlight.

It's not that this trait is outright wrong, but it's so vague and generic that it is hardly a help to those looking to get involved in support positions within a company, and certainly doesn't help out entrepreneurs/founders who are looking for the right set of skills when hiring the all-important folks who will be taking care of their customers.

With that said, let's get into some specific skills that every support employee can master to "WOW" the customers that they interact with on a daily basis...

1. Patience

If you don't see this near the top of a customer service skills list, you should just stop reading.
2. Attentiveness

The ability to really listen to customers is so crucial for providing great service for a number of reasons.

3. Clear Communication Skills

Make sure you're getting to the problem at hand quickly; customers don't need your life story or to hear about how your day is going.

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