Monday, July 24, 2017

Girl never understand Boy Some Facts Which ProveIt

Understating Boy Guy would be tough Job for every girl .
and that's the reason , once A brilliant Person Said " Boy Has More Than 1 Character and Face ".
Here are some Topic on why Girl never understand Boy ?
Before moving on to the main topic i would like to show up a video as example.
                                                                      Video By Youtube 
if a junk of Topic i would cover , i know it would not be enough to clear this but lets have a try .

Why Girl Never Understand Boy? 

Boy are not tough to understand even in my opinion. Boys are more simple than girls though my opinion doesn't matter here.As Boy I am writing here. but as i said before it's the most horrible topic seems to me. 

Girl Expect Too Much .  

girl never understand boy

Even Boys Also Expect more while Girl Expect everything Too much whether it's an item of Make up , money or Boy friend they would never have a limit of things . 

Girls Don't Care About Boys thought 

Girl never care

It doesn't matter even 1% to them what boys think. when they want to do something they just order like boss , and if you didn't act on it they would gonna fire you it's as simple as . 

Girls Decide in 0 mints . 
Girl never understand boy

whether it's S*x or it's first child , they would not stop when they once decide in a second . 
and even how they decide ? 
lemme give you an example of their decision making !
Girl : Lemme Buy This orange suit , it's amazing even cheap .
1 sec later : no no i have decided it won't look good at home i am gonna the other one with blue di*k because i am gonna feel good in it :p
sorry for all the bad words i have used in the article .
and in the last i would like you to see some quotes about girl never understand boy.

Girl never  understand Boy Quotes 

Girl never understand boy Quotes
I didn't mean to fall in love but i did . 

                                 Girl never understand boy quotes

So did you learn anything new ? 
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