Monday, October 16, 2017

Aamir khan Crosses All the rules of the world Wearing Pink Jeans

It's a long-lived belief that "men don't wear pink". Ages and centuries have passed, and yet, the colour is fighting for acceptance in every guy's closet. We understand, men can be foolish. They can leave their loving girlfriends for a tall, hot lass and even switch to absolute poverty (but with a PS4 in their hand). Chill, we've all been there. However, even though we're maintaining our calm over guys dissing pink, after a point—it's not cool, bro. Everything in the world deserves some respect. Awards-show absentee and ear-pierced daddy, Aamir Khan, well, is really doing some social service here. His recent airport outing featured salmon-pink-f-ckn-jeans!

Out and about for a shoot or a quickie at a luncheon, Mr. Khan is recently being spotted in some terrific casual wear. Solid-coloured sweatshirts, dark/light wash jeans, black kicks/dress shoes and always, forever with a sling bag going across his chest. We suppose he's turning younger, as usual. However, this one here is a different version of a 20-year-old dude!

We'd be frank—the actor's sartorial line-up's been very consistent lately. He's channeled no prints/patterns/daring styles, but always managed to walk our Hall of Fame. After all, there's no power in the world that can miff the classics, you see. Even if they're just plain wash jeans or on rare occasions, in hues of pink. And thanks to his stint at style excellence recently, the proportions and fit of the actor's outfit is impeccable. Plus, he's living proof of the theory that 'simple is best'.
so the question is will you ever wear the jeans of aamir khan ?

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