Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Donald Trump Happy New year tweet To Pakistan Making Things Miss

Donald Trump Tweet Pakistan
Recently The 45th President of the United States of America has tweeted about Pakistan since yet everybody is talking about it. from social media to new channel to radio channel the topic is on mouth of everyone.
To let you know about Donald trump tweet and all the major happens before that tweet.
Donald trump tweeted a bit ago that he wants to build a good relationship with Pakistan but guess what ? what he ended up with is the most common things to him.
Have a look on it , what he said like 2 month ago.

But he ended up with this
If you are unable to see the above embed tweet kindly have a look on below screen shot of Donald trump tweet.
donald trump tweet about pak

For a while it was seem a miss up moments in Pakistani channel and we got a lot of new opinion from different people on TV.
but lets forget about media and have a look on some of the tolerance reply .

since the above rely is not related to Pakistan but it's prove some tweeter enjoy donald trump silly stupid tweets , what about you ?

now coming to the side of Pakistan what people thoughts and what they did.

Disrespecting someone flags is weird and should not be done by anyone but though the anger of people didn't stop here some people did this as well.

 beside from what some politician of Pakistan has accepted that Pakistan has got a lot of loan from USA as name of something , but though there are many people saying that Pakistan is the only nation has just sacrifices each and everything just to show world they want piece and has proved their self the good ones.
what do you thinks , donald trump has told truth ?
if yes then who can be blamed for it ? our politician ? or the People ?
do share your opinion on it in the comments box.

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