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Priya Parkash Varrier Biography and viral scene | Priya Parkash

Priya Parkash

Like every year it become a trend at least a lot of people getting viral by social media, like Arshad Khan chaiwala, This time an Indian actress “ Priya Parkash” has got a lot of attention.
You might have noticed from last week there is a video everywhere over internet where Priya Parkash by wink to her partner as this video is from her new upcoming movie teaser “Oru Adaar Love” which is upcoming Malayalam movie.
You can see the Priya parkash wink video here.
( You can find out these question answer in the article:
What's Priya Parkash Age?
What's Priya Parkash wealth?
Also do you want to know about her life?

Here is the teaser from the movie, watch it before going to know about her.

Priya Parkash is only 18 year old girl and very new to the movie world, she has a very good luck that she got that free audience. Do you want to know what she feels when she got know about video going viral?
Like other star the media has not forgiven her and went to get her interview which in my perspective went like a normal as there was nothing special it was like scripted but coming to the point she said in a interview
“When I got to know about the scene going viral I felt so happy and I didn’t know how to express my happiness as it was very strange to me”
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Furthermore Priya Parkash added about scene.
“It was really my first time and the scene went okay in the first shoot, and we really didn’t even know it was for the teaser”
It’s bit look a little bit scripted that it was went fine at first shoot as when the reporter asked her if it went fine at first it’s mean you know it before but she replied that she didn’t even know it before and she also said that it was not in the scripted but they did it by their own.
It’s seem like she doesn’t give a shit about giving credit to the movie maker or anyone else who works with her.
Cutting the crap here are Priya parkash biography as we don’t have such verified data but it’s collected from all over the internet.
So read the biography and be with love of Priya Parkash the crush of 2018.
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Priya Parkash Biography

Priya Parkash Picture :
Priya Parkash Biography

Real name : Priya parkash varrier
Age : 18+ year ( Not confiremed )
Date of birth : Null
Born Location : Kerla  Thrissur
Language : HINDI , Malayalam and English
MOVIES: debut movie Oru adar love

These are very little information about her as she is very popular yet and she should be opened to everyone as everyone wants that.
Here is the movie songs which also got viral and driving the internet crazy.

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Here you can see her new images.

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